Secret Cookbook Santa II

Last year, we played Secret Cookbook Santa to joyous effect. All participants were assigned a Santee to whom they sent a cookbook (preferably one of the Santee’s choosing) and they, in turn, received one of their own. The spirit of the season infected everyone involved and many were so buzzed they combusted on the spot. We dedicate this year’s Secret Cookbook Santa to their memory.

Here’s the thing. I’d love to do this again but I don’t gotz tha time. However, I’ve had several offers from people to help me organize it. So here’s your opportunity, whoever you are, to step up and make yourself available. You’ll probably have to make a secret santa e-mail account and then field all the e-mails, make the list, check it twice, and then assign everyone their Santee. It’s a lot of work but if you’re willing to do it, I’d be super grateful. So will the thousands of children you’ll save by doing this. Oops. I mean the 50 people who will receive cookbooks. They’ll be happy.

If you’re interested in playing this role, simply leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch with you in the order your respond. Chances are the first person who responds will have the job. But I may need others for back up. Thanks in advance! Santa Adam.

14 thoughts on “Secret Cookbook Santa II”

  1. Well – I didn’t participate last year – but I would be interested in helping out and joining in this time around. Let me know how I can help!


  2. Hey Adam,

    I would certainly be billing to help out in collect and organizing names. If you have someone else who was going to be doing it, that is great too. If they need a deticated email address I can create one on my web site and do auto-forwards to them if you need. You may also be able to do that though.


  3. Hahaha,

    I need to proof-read better. That should read “certainly be willing” and not “billing.” I am not looking to charge for my help. I wish we could edit posts.

  4. Seems like the next thing this site needs is a forum… so we can organize our own get-togethers.

    I’m in for secret cookbook santa. I’ll even organize if none of the above people end up doing it.

  5. Whoever does it: why not do it in a manner similar to ThinkBlank’s legendary Secret Santa?

    Have all wannabe-participants make an Amazon wishlist just for their desired cookbooks. (It could even go on their regular wishlist, but anyway.) Have one person collect the wishlist URLs. Mix and mingle. Send out the wishlist URLs.

    All done, and none of the icky business of sharing addresses with strangers and stuff.

    Ten years ago there were several sites that made setting up Secret Santas really easy, once you knew all the addresses. Surely things have only gotten better. I’ve not stayed current with this, but perhaps whoever coordinates can simply enter all of the addresses and wishlist URLs into the site and let it do all the mixing and contacting work.

    (But notice that I’m not volunteering!)

  6. Well, gee, if after you’ve waded through the above comments, you still find you need a host: I’d be happy to do it. I participated last year and had a great time!

  7. I would love to organize it if anybody can’t do it. I’d also like to partake in the Secret Santa too, if that’s possible. (;

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