Exciting Things Coming Your Way

Ok loyal Amateur Gourmet readers, keep checking back over the next 12 hours: two very exciting things are about to happen.

(1) The redesign is going up tonight!


(2) I’m going to share some amazing unbelievable news with you! Aren’t you excited? I know you are… Soon enough you shall know!


  1. Please don’t keep me in suspense! I’m going to check every few minutes until you put it up because I have nothing better to do! I LOVE THIS BLOG AND I LOVE YOU!

  2. I like the new banners but they don’t always show up in Safari! Just IE. :(

    AND I know your unbelievable news so let me just be the first to say Congrats! ;)

  3. Wow; this site has never looked so good (and I’ve been reading this since entry #1). In fact, this is now among the best looking blogs I’ve ever seen. Really fantastic work. Did you do this yourself or did you hire some fancy designer?

  4. The anticipation is killing me – but I’ll die with the image of flying bagels in my head. I love them!

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