Cupid Update

The Gourmet Cupid has received 36 e-mails since its inception last week, with people from all over the world participating. We’ve got a guapo graphic designer in Spain and a bonita Art Student in Brazil. We also span generations with a 63-year old female “senior citizen foodie” in Oregon and a 19-year old gay history student in Pensacola, Florida. Mostly, though, we have lots and lots of hot, single women. I’m not joking. Several are in NYC, and others are in Boston, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. If you’re a single, straight male foodie, you’d be remiss not to send the appropriate information to gourmetcupid AT gmail DOT com.

[Meanwhile, Gourmet Cupid was linked at Eater with the following quip: “The Amateur Gourmet is to the New York restaurant scene as the Naked Cowboy is to Times Square: one must draw upon the rules of a parallel universe to understand.” I think I may be insulted but instead I’ll just grab my guitar and strip. Submit to Cupid, y’all!]

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