I’m The Food Guy

Many of you know that I’m a grad student in dramatic writing at NYU. What most of the dramatic writing department at NYU didn’t know, at least last year, was that I had a food blog. This year the cat came out of the bag when one of my professors, I won’t say his name, made the discovery and informed all the other professors about it. Now I’ve gained a reputation in the department as something of a food guy.

The reason I bring this up, though, is because I think it’s funny how my teachers are using food metaphors now to help me see their points about my work. And so it was last week, for example, that my masters’ thesis teacher was talking about losing the one thing that you love and having to go on. “Imagine that you couldn’t cook anymore,” she said to me, “what would you do then?” And then this week she was talking about the book “Blink” and she said some things are worth mulling over, like what play you’re going to write for your thesis, and other things are worth trusting your instinct on: “Like Adam, when you cook, you say: ooooh marjoram would taste good here, maybe some garlic. Those are things you can make split-second decisions about.” I took her point well and accepted my role as The Food Guy.

And in an e-mail from one of my TV-writing teachers regarding the “South Park” spec script I’m writing (yes, I’m writing a South Park!) he wrote: “Make sure you feed Chef too, and a couple of other traditional SP walk-ons, to taste. I can talk that way to you. Fold them in.”

The cat’s out of the bag. I’m The Food Guy.

3 thoughts on “I’m The Food Guy”

  1. You’re writing a South Park episode?!? Keep us updated on that! Love your blog & I know I’ll love your SP.

  2. I am the food girl at work (academic laboratory). I kind of outed myself, ’cause one day I was trying to explain lipid rafts (small microdomains of a cellular membrane) and pulled out a cherrios and rice krispies comparison.

    I make molecule shaped cookies around the holidays.

  3. sorry, it was me who let cat out of bag

    I am LJ’s daughter and a regular reader, and I told him.

    Hope it is not too inconvenient

    (they should all love your blog anyhow)

    I had no idea that they didn’t all know already!

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