Eli, Eh: Taste

[restaurant review as IM chat]

Me: What do you think of eli zabar

James Felder: Zabar was never my thing. I used to go to EAT as a kid, and even being a spoiled rich kid, I thought back then “This is ridiculously overpriced” Zabar’s is a West Side Jew thing. I think I’ve been in there once in my life. Why?

Me: i went to eli’s a few weeks ago and thought it was overpriced

then the other day i was meeting someone at pearson’s bbq and it was closed for construction

so we walked over to Eli’s Taste


and had the salad bar


which wasn’t outrageously expensive

but just ok*


just wanted to know what you think

James Felder: Zabar’s I cannot explain. It’s a NY thing. Rich people eat there. It’s branding and convenience. I don’t know. I love Pearson’s. Their ribs and their texas links are great. If it’s closed for redos, try Mara’s downtown.

Me: cool i will

* Note: I say it was just ok, but looking at that picture I see a potato pancake and a knish. That was kind of special to see on a salad bar. They were as good as a potato pancake and a knish can be sitting on a salad bar all day. A cake caught my eye on the way out:


We didn’t partake but it is impressive looking and I thought you should see it so you don’t think I’m a hot-headed critic. But back to Taste I won’t be running.

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  1. mabye its because i grew up on the upper west side but i adore Zabars, and that’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone call it overpriced. it’s not a place to buy everyday groceries, but for olives, cheese or lox, its the place to go. and they make the best cream cheese in the world in my opinion.

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