An Unbelievable Outcome

Our Gourmet Survivor II outcome is unbelievable on two counts:

(1) We raised, in total, $4198 for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. That’s unbelievable. I’m so wowed by this, you have no idea. So we’ve done a great thing here with Gourmet Survivor II!

(2) I have totaled up the results over and over and over again for this final round and I keep getting the same results:

Jason: $575

William: $575

Exactly the same. EXACTLY. Is this a tie? Is that our result? I think so! Do we have two Gourmet Survivor Champions? I believe that’s the case. So allow me to congratulate our winners:





Your work in this contest was exemplary. Honestly. I’d eat at your tables gladly anyday. Please e-mail me privately with your mailing addresses and a few cookbooks that you like and I’ll send something your way. Your greatest reward, though, is the knowledge that you helped raise over $4000 for victims of a devastating catastrophe. So thank you so much for doing all the work you did these past few weeks. I had so much fun running this and I was inspired by all your work. And on that note: thanks so so so so much to our coaches/hosts—David, Pim, Derrick, and Jeremy. Your cooperation surely contributed to the grand amount of money we raised. And of course to our eliminated contestants, Melissa and Kathy, and our scavenger hunt contributors—another big thanks. And finally to you, the readers, without your votes and generous pledges we’d never have gotten as far along as we did. So again, thank you thank you thank you. It’s been an extraordinary run.

Much congratulations Jason and William! You done well! Go celebrate!

And Gourmet Survivor II is now ended. Peace be with you all. [Dramatic music plays. Curtain.]

9 thoughts on “An Unbelievable Outcome”

  1. That’s craziness! Such a crazy event is enough to draw me out from my 3 month AG lurking to post a comment. Congrats to both Jason and William! And to Adam, too, for orchestrating a contest that raised so much money for the Red Cross. Great job everyone!

  2. Well played, Jason and Derrick. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful cause, and thanks especially to Adam, who put it all together. I’ve had a great time and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

  3. Congratulations to the organizers, participants and coaches! A great outcome and a worthy battle – it was fun to follow along.

  4. William,

    I totally agree that the outcome was ideal. We all have put so much into this and have raised a great amount of money. It was an opportunity to cook items I may not have chosen to make and learn a few new items.

    Should we all be looking forward to Gourmet Survivor III?

  5. It must have been destiny. :)

    Great contest, fantastic competitors, worthy cause–Thank you Adam for a creative and fun way to get involved.


  6. Three cheers to the creative and hilarious winners, Jason and William, for using their talents to raise money for our nation’s needy. You couldn’t have hand picked a more apt ending.

    As Mr. Burns’ would say: “Eeeeeexcellent”.

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