I came home with an e-mail from JustGiving that said the following:

Dear Adam,

You asked us to let you know when someone makes a donation via your American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund fundraising page.

We are pleased to confirm that Brian Schipper has made a donation of USD1,000.00 to American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund.

I moved towards the screen to reread the number. Does that say $1000 or $100? I think it says $1000. Someone donated $1000. Holy cow! That nearly doubles the money we’ve raised so far. And so it is with great enthusiasm that I give a gushy cartwheeling gigantic THANK YOU OH MY GOD YOU ARE THE B EST to Brian Schipper. We’ve now raised $1,953 for Katrina victims. Click here to see the breakdown.

8 thoughts on “Wow”

  1. Jason,

    Melissa and I said much the same thing this morning when I noticed the donation (not that I’m obsessively watching the tally or anything. ahem.) “Wow, someone must really want the David Lebovitz book.”

  2. I can do withouth the cookbook. I just love this site and wanted to make a donation anyway, so I figured why not do it here?

  3. Brian, you are my new hero. Thank you for your wonderful example of helping our fellow man.

    All I can say is… wow.

  4. Brian, you are a truly wonderful person. As a former Louisiana resident (I left Baton Rouge a week after Katrina, after evacuating my parents and their 3 cats from New Orleans just before the storm), I thank you most sincerely. People like you really affirm my belief in the fundamental goodness of people. You made me very happy today.

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