Two More Submissions

For those keeping track, we’ve had two more submissions in the Gourmet scavenger hunt. The first comes from William who turned his in later Wednesday night and since I didn’t say “Eastern Standard Time” in my original instructions, he gets the 20 points. Here’s his Flickr page and here are some funny pictures:

I like this one of him looking “white bread” while eating white bread:


And, of course, dressed as a crayfish:


Then there’s Melissa who submitted last night. Here’s her Flickr page and here are some funny Melissa pics.

Cucumber/Zucchini battle:


About to get hit by a tomato:


Parsley, Sage, Roemary and TIME:


See how much fun these people are having? You still have ’til Sunday… and plenty of opportunity to stake your claim in the Gourmet Survivor challenge! Don’t forget to sign-up/donate here.

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