Sometimes Good Food Looks Like Vomit

I have been viciously attacked in my asparagus risotto post by some who’ve critiqued my technique (even though it’s not my technique, it’s Rose Gray’s technique) and the “baby diaper-ish” quality of the end product. Inkadinkadoo (who has “doo” in his/her name) writes: “Some of those pix look like stills from ‘The Exorcist’ puke scene.” James Kew’s linkblog linked to my post with this comment: “Adam’s not afraid to post his flops, but this is the first one, I think, where he counts a recipe as a success while his commenters howl failure.”

The thing of it is, I’ve made many things in the past that look like vomit and/or feces that tasted delicious. Like the last time I made risotto, for example:


Or the time I made Jacques Torres’s chocolate mudslide cookies:


Sure, it looks kind of nasty, but it tasted delicious.

And then there was the time I made this cake, which looks rather innocuous:


but it tasted like vomit because it had ricotta cheese in it.

So in conclusion, some things in this world look fine and taste like vomit. Other things look like vomit and taste great. Asparagus risotto is one of those things. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!

8 thoughts on “Sometimes Good Food Looks Like Vomit”

  1. Once again, AG, you rule. You dealt with a bunch of peevish responses with the humor and aplomb that make you so popular, and well, beloved.

  2. Congrats!!!

    I was hoping you would confront the (I must keep it clear) FOLKS who do not understand that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Also, what is all this junk about technique? Hmmmm… In my book it seems that there is more than one-way to do just about anything.

    I hope to give your recipe a try in the future. Thanks for always being honest and straightforward.

  3. I love reading your blog, Adam…I’m diabetic so a lot of stuff you write about is totally beyond my ability to eat. ButI especially loved reading about your risotto and arancini, even though anything made from rice and / or fried is totally out of bounds for me. I’m a foodie voyeur!

  4. The Indian food I had for dinner tonight was proof that food that looks like it’s already been recycled can be dang tasty.

    I, for one, thought the risotto looked and sounded delicious, and have plans to try it soon (though I’m a risotto virgin! wish me luck.)

  5. Wow, if you thought that my post was a “vicious attack”, you have led a sheltered life.

    But I have never seen a risotto that looks like this one, and I’ve been eating risotto for at least 20 years. During one of my last trips to Italy, I ate asparagus risotto on five different occasions – it was spring and asparagus was in full Milan to Florence – and none of the dishes resembled this recipe.

    I realize that this is your blog, I don’t have to read it, nor do I need to add any comments, sycophantic or otherwise. If your aim is to have all of your readers heap constant praise and adoration on you, sorry I misunderstood.

    FYI, inkadinkadoo (or do) is Jimmy Durante’s signature song.

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