I Started School Again

In case you’re wondering why this blog has been so quiet this week (Gourmet Survivor II notwithstanding), it’s because I started my final year (and I mean FINAL year) of graduate school. Among my classes, I’m taking a class in animated sitcom with the guy who wrote the Marine Biologist episode of “Seinfeld” (he’s also a staff writer on Law & Order), I’m taking a class at the Public Theater with Oskar Eustis who was the first to produce “Angels in America,” and I’m doing my masters thesis with Marsha Norman who won the Pulitzer for ‘Night Mother. It’s been a great week! And a busy one. But now I shall blog for you a bit…

3 thoughts on “I Started School Again”

  1. Sounds exciting! I’m still somewhere in the middle of my graduate work. (Sometimes I don’t think it will ever end… but then again, I’m hoping to go into teaching at a university, so it’s not as though I’ll be changing my lifestyle all that much. (I’ll just be getting paid to do it, instead.)

  2. Oh, Adam! You’re working with Marsha Norman! I am pea-green with envy.

    PLEASE slip in a Marsha Norman anecdote now and then.

  3. Give Ms.Norman my best…my first year of teaching French was in Louisville, at Westport High School, her senior year. She almost certainly won’t remember, Mlle. Stevens, the French teacher, but I betcha she remembers the hottie art teacher, Richard Mantia (who preceded me there by a couple of years) who was at that point my future, and now my ex- husband… She was a talented young lady then, and she has, as many don’t,lived up well to her potential!

    Regards, Alyce Stevens Mantia

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