Gourmet Survivor II: An unbelievable $2,748 raised so far, Farewell Melissa and The FINAL Challenge


Battle beignet was truly inspiring. Really, all the entries were masterful. I mean just look at those pictures in the post below this: don’t you want these people in your kitchen making you beignets right now? WELL I HAVE THEM IN MINE… I’VE KIDNAPPED THEM ALL AND THEY’RE BOUND AND GAGGED MAKING BEIGNETS WITH THEIR FEET.. WAHAHAHAHA…

Just kidding. So let’s get down to business. First order of business: money.

When I started this contest, I thought in my head: we will raise, probably, $1000. But that hasn’t been the case. No siree. We have raised, for the American Red Cross Disaster Fund, $2,748!!! So thank you so so so much to EVERYONE who voted, and to all our players and coaches.

Now for the sad moment where we announce who we’ll be saying farewell to. (Those who read the title have a heads up.) She wowed us with her Po’boy and then gladdened us with her beignets, but Melissa–protege of David Lebovitz–has been voted off the island. She raised $205 this round, impressive, but not enough to beat William’s $240 or Jason’s $300.

So thank you so much Melissa for playing! You can feel good that you helped raise so much money for people in need!

And now it’s on to the FINAL BATTLE: William vs. Jason. What should they have to cook?

Now’s the time for YOU to chime in dear readers. Below you can vote for the dish William and Jason will have to cook for their final battle. You have until tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 10 PM to vote. They have until Sunday at 10 PM to prepare this final dish. Their fates rest on YOUR shoulders. Get to it!

8 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor II: An unbelievable $2,748 raised so far, Farewell Melissa and The FINAL Challenge”

  1. I was completely astounded to see that all the voters agreed with me. That is until I realized I was the only voter yet. Though my namesake competitor be gone, I wish nothing but the best to William and Jason who have made beautiful, beautiful food. I admire you all so much for what you are doing.

  2. Thanks to Melissa for torturing us all with her amazing Nutella-filled beignets!

    And now…best of luck to both Jason and William in the final round. It’s astounding how much money was raised and I’m looking forward to seeing who becomes the ultimate Amateur Gourmet Survivor!

  3. Wow, that was a close round! I’m sorry to see you go, Melissa; you had some great looking beignets and an army of taste-testers to go along with them. I can’t wait to see what Adam’s readers will decide that we should cook next…

  4. How fun this whole competition has been so far. I must say that it is sad when we have to bid farewell to one of the competitors, everyone has done wonderful. Melissa and Kathie, you have been great!

    It will be interesting to see what is chosen for William and I to cook up next for all of you.


    *mmmmmmmmmfffff! mmmrrffff!*

    The joke’s on you! I didn’t wash my toes before I started kneading the dough! Bwahahahahahaha- er… *ahem*

    Great job, everyone! I’ve seriously had so much fun… and while I’m sad that it couldn’t have been an all-out girl-fight at the end, I’m excited to think that I got to be a part of this.

    I vote for BATTLE GUMBO as the final challenge.

    *Cue Iron Chef Music/Soundtrack from Backdraft*

  6. Oh… hey, I’ve been meaning to ask…

    You know how on other reality shows, the eliminated folks get sent to some sequestered location with a per diem?

    Can I be sequestered in Paris or someplace like that? (;

  7. Oh, I should NEVER visit this site when I’m hungry. I voted for Battle Bread Pudding, but whatever the contest, I’ll have to have my jaws wired shut before I read the results.

    Great going, y’all!

  8. Hows about:


    so hard to find them critters outside N.O. and so many things can go wrong

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