Gourmet Survivor II, Round Two: Battle Beignet

And then there were three. Players that is. And wait ’til you see the work they did in this round!

A brief recap for those new to the game. This is Gourmet Survivor II, a fundraiser for Katrina victims (and now Rita victims) with money going to the American Red Cross disaster fund. We had four players in the first round make Po’boys. Readers voted their favorites by pledging $5 per vote to the relief fund. Over $2000 was raised. Now we’re down to three.

So it’s very simple. Click the following pictures to read three different beignet entries hosted on three different blogs. When you choose your favorite, go here and pledge however much money you want in increments of $5 ($25 is recommended and makes you very cool and very sexy—and that gets your player 5 votes.) Make sure to put the name of the person you are voting for IN THE COMMENTS. Otherwise they won’t get the credit. You have until Tuesday at 10 pm EST. The one who’s raised the least cash gets voted off.

Ok, and that’s it! So here they are, entries from Melissa, William and Jason. Thanks to them and to our food blogger hosts for all their work. Enjoy the scrumptiousness below!



7 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor II, Round Two: Battle Beignet”

  1. Oh my, this is even more confusing than the po’boy battle. They all looks so amazingly beautiful and scrumptious, so who to vote for? I think I’ll decide at the last minute. And let me add, I’ve NEVER had a desire to cook up some fried dough in my own home until now. ;)

  2. Those look sinfully yummy. I think I have some beignet mix that my folks bought in New Orleans somewhere…

    That last pic looks very nice, but I have to ask- is that a jelly donut I see on the middle plate? Am I a phillistine?

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