Gourmet Survivor II: $953 raised so far, Farewell Kathy, and the New Challenge



Boy, what a wonderful first round we had: all the entries were fantastic, and even more fantastic: we raised $953 for Katrina victims! Go us! (If you don’t believe me, check out our donation page.)

Battle Po’boy Results

I had a big dilemma just now tallying up the votes in Battle Po’boy. It was so so so close. Here’s the thing: I asked people not to vote anonymously because I wouldn’t be able to read the comments with who you were voting for, but using the JustGiving software and my “master account” status I was able to see the anonymous people’s comments and get a fairer sense of the vote. A few people donated money, totally forgot to leave a name in the comments and frantically e-mailed me afterwards asking to get credit for their vote. So I gave them credit. There’s only one thing that makes me feel a bit icky and that’s one person who donated $25, didn’t say who they were voting for and didn’t e-mail me about it. I thought about delaying the results so this person could get in touch with me, but this person didn’t follow the rules and I feel like it’s better just to count the votes that were properly placed and move on to round two. And so with that said, here’s what I tallied up:

Melissa’s entry (hosted at Davidlebovitz.com) raised: $125.

Jason’s entry (hosted at An Obsession with Food) raised a whopping: $235.

William’s entry (hosted at Chez Pim) raised: $130.

And Kathy’s entry (hosted at Frost Street) and which, to my eyes, looked truly delicious raised: $115.

I added up the colums several times and as you can see it was VERY VERY close. But, sadly, the wonderful Kathy has been voted off the island. Thank you so so much for playing, Kathy, and thanks to Jeremy for hosting/coaching her! You will be missed!


The Next Round

Moving on to the dessert front, we’re going to have the remaining players–Jason, Melissa and William–make one of my favorite New Orleans treats. Can you guess it? I think you can… BEIGNETS!!


According to Wikipedia, a beignet is: “a pastry made from fried dough and sprinkled with confectioners’ sugar. This variety is similar to zeppole. In the United States they are often found in, and typically associated with, the city of New Orleans, Louisiana and the restaurant Café du Monde. Beignets are also found in France, where they are sometimes filled with fruit.”

That “sometimes is filled with fruit” provides a clue as to how you can make your beignet stand out. What might you put inside it? Or what may you provide on the side for dipping? We’re looking for originality as well as a delicious end product. Best of luck! Your entries, much like last week, are must be posted on your host’s site by Sunday night at 10 PM EST. Don’t forget to consult these wise host/coaches for beignet making strategies! And thanks, again, to everyone for helping raise so much dough. Ha: no pun intended.

13 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor II: $953 raised so far, Farewell Kathy, and the New Challenge”

  1. Glad to help raise money and have some fun in the process. I can’t wait to see what Melissa, William and Jason come up with for the next round!

  2. Hey Adam,

    If the (unclamed)25.00 dollar donation was from Chris O’Neal, that lives in Canada.

    That is a friend of Jason’s

  3. I have to say I’m disappointed about the outcome. I pledged for Kathy, but clearly I should have dug deeper into my sad little pockets. I mean, come on! The woman baked her own delicious-looking bread and made her own mayo for the sauce! Having been to New Orleans earlier in the summer (where I consumed a number of po’boys, of course) I also judged her entry to be the most authentic. Ah well. Bye Kathy — you did great.

  4. I too am disappointed. Not Kathy! I also pledged for her, and was also impressed with her bread making and remoulade as well as her beautiful photos and writing. I was also very excited to see what she would cook up next! Well, Kathy, perhaps I will make a remoulade this week in your honor. Your cooking inspired me!

  5. I’m getting a credit card by the end of the week and was planning to celebrate its arrival by voting for Kathy…I’ll choose someone else to vote, but still, what a pity and well done!

  6. What the deal? Kathys Po Boys actually looked more authentic then everyone else’s. Some of the other stuff look too “made-up”. Do you think the “uncounted” votes may have kept her on the Island? It would have been easy enough to find out. Poor thing, it reminds me of voting from Florida.

  7. Brian Schipper, whoever you are, you’re a generous human being!

    Kathy, I’m sorry to see you go. Your shrimp po’boy had me drooling, and hopefully you will continue to share your cooking talents with all of us on your blog.

  8. Excellent work, one and all – Kathy, I’ll add my own $.02 that your po’boy looked AMAZING! you also have inspired me to get into bread-making…cheers!

  9. Kathy, sorry to see you go! Your po’boy was classic and looked fantastic, and the homemade bread was a plus. You even took into consideration the textural qualities of traditional NOLA po’boy bread, which was a great authentic touch. As a (alas! former) resident of NOLA (and most recently of Baton Rouge), may I recommend to you (and others curious about real New Orleans po’boys) the joys of the half-oyster, half-shrimp loaf! Basically, you prepare equal portions of shrimp and oysters (fried, of course) and compose your po’boy with a mixture of both! Yum Yum! A fun side dish in the great fried tradition of New Orleans (one of my favorites from Frankie and Johnnie’s on the corner of Arabella and Tchoupatoulis) would be fried bell pepper rings: Rings of green bell peppers coated in a VERY spicy fish-fry batter (you can use Zatarain’s or any other commercial fish-fry mix, and add lots of cayenne) and deep-fried, served with a cool ranch dressing-like dipping sauce. Don’t eat this before you get your cholesterol checked! But boy is it goooooood! A must: serve with at LEAST two Abitas.

    Thank you, Kathy, for your help in raising funds for the Red Cross’ Katrina relief!

  10. No worries. I was happy to participate through the first round and raise money, and just as happy to watch as the next three go on and battle it out. Thanks to everyone for donating and really making this thing happen!

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