Gourmet Survivor II, Round One: Battle Po’boy

The results are in for round one of our Survivor competition and let me tell you, they are way impressive! You really won’t believe what beautiful jobs all the players did and how generous our coaches were with their time and storage space! But now it’s on you, readers. Only you can determine who will survive to the next round. I am going to post four Po’boy pictures below that will each, if you click them, lead you to the respective entries. Read all of them and then vote your favorite by pledging $5 per vote on the pledge site. (All pledges go to Katrina victims.) I encourage you to pledge more than $5 to really make a difference, but every bit helps. And make sure to put the name of the person you’re voting for in the comments or they won’t get the credit! [Also: don’t pledge anonymously for the same reason–your comments don’t show up.] So with all the formality out of the way, here are four Po’boy entries: click them all and then choose your favorite. You have until Tuesday at 10 PM. Vote your hearts out! [Oh: and David Lebovitz has generously offered to donate a copy of his “Great Book of Chocolate” to the person who pledges the most money. Thanks David!]




10 thoughts on “Gourmet Survivor II, Round One: Battle Po’boy”

  1. Woo! Looks like it’ll be a good competition!

    My one worry, though, is that… how does one go about getting votes if all of one’s friends are poor? (It’s sad, but half the people I know don’t even have credit cards! (; )

  2. People reading this blog and the four others will vote even if they don’t necessarily know any of the participants. That’s the fun of having it out there for everyone to see :-)

  3. Melissa,

    This is not about being poor, rich or even middle class. It’s about raising money to help people that have NOTHING, “Nothing at all”. You should feel good that you are helping others. From reading the past comments, 2 other’s have said that they are on a small budget also. You need to stop saying your poor and start feeling good about stepping up to help others.

    Best of luck to all the good hearted people willing to help.

  4. What a great group of entries…it’s going to be a toughy to decide who to vote for! :S

    Great write-ups everyone! I’m oh-so looking forward to see who wins this! :)

  5. Oh, I am so sad that you started this without me. I’ve finally been able to get online. I’ve been relocated due to the Hurricane. I haven’t been back to New Orleans yet, but hope my home is okay. I am in Louisville, KY now at a Library. I would have loved to enter my Po’boy in this competition. Thanks

  6. Yes, James, we ate the noodle sandwich.

    And it was DElicious!

    Oh, and don’t worry, Bird Mom – it’s all good natured whinging. (; I am, indeed, excited to be a part of this, regardless of the outcome… (especially now that I know that I have willing guinea pigs- er, I mean taste testers living downstairs from me!)

    I tip my hat to my very worthy competitors!

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