And the winners are…

After much work tallying up the points and clicking through thousands (ok, maybe hundreds) of pictures, here are the winners of the Gourmet Survivor II Scavenger Hunt. Tomorrow these winners will be paired with food blogging coaches and hosts who will work with them on Round One of our competition—assignment to be announced tomorrow. Many thanks to all who participated: seven in all. I recommend you check out all their Flickr pages through the donation page to see what a great job they did. Here are the winners in order of when they submitted:

(1) Jason Sholar!

(2) William!


(3) Melissa!


And introducing:

(4) Kmayers! (Sorry, it doesn’t say your name anywhere: please fill us in!)


Actually, why don’t all the winners fill us in a bit about themselves in the comment section here? Where you’re from, what you do, etc, etc.

And as for Ginparis




(This, by the way, is one of my favorite pictures of the competition. That paper, as proven in another picture, says: “I Was Raped by Emeril.” I love that guy’s reaction. And it’s much less disturbing than corrupting a minor with my sick sense of humor like Kmayers did!



And, finally, Delilahlah (or is it just Delilah?):


Thank you all so much for participating! Your pictures all made me laugh. Stay tuned for assignment one, tomorrow night!

10 thoughts on “And the winners are…”

  1. Woohoo! My own 15 megapixels of fame!

    OK… I live in sunny Bloomington, Indiana… home of basketball and buddhists. (We have not one, but TWO Tibetan restaurants in town… as well as a monastery and a cultural center. It’s not unusual to see a little monk in saffron and burgandy robes pushing a cart through the local supermarket…)

    I’m a graduate student who is trying to hold down an almost-full-time job so that I don’t have to sell body parts on the black market to pay my rent, and I sell a little Avon on the side to feed my lipgloss habit.

    For fun, I like to play with swords and paint my toenails. (Because, even samurai need to feel pretty, every so often!)

    One of my most prized possessions (aside from my laptop computer – which I take with me into the bathtub every time the tornado sirens go off, because if they’re going to find my broken body among the twisted remains of my apartment, they’ll know that I went down trying to save my research – is my KitchenAid (in textured gunmetal gray. Wheeeeee!)

    Three totally true facts:

    1. My fish are genuinely happy to see me when I come home

    2. I have a chili plant that’s survived for three years in a flowerpot

    3. I hold the distinction of having had my hair fondled by Chancellor Martok of the Klingon Empire, in a hotel bar in Baltimore…

  2. That was fun! That pesky first initial stands for “Kathy”, and I’m currently an at-home mom living right outside of Los Angeles with my wonderful husband and two small boys*. In the past I worked in Marketing, did some graphics consulting, ran a home business for a while, and a long list of other odd things. That odd bit pretty much sums me up, as shown by my pictures. I love everything about food and cooking and consider myself a strong home cook with some forays into insanely detailed recipes now and again.

    I loved all the other pictures and can tell I’m up for some stiff competition! Best of luck to everyone, and may we raise lots of money!

    *yes, that’s my youngest looking at the sign – the list said no friends but failed to mention family ;-) Oh, and he can’t actually read yet, though he did spell out all the words with great excitement.

  3. Hurray to all the contestants. It is time for us to get cookin’.

    Anyhow, my name Jason Sholar and I am a single male looking for a sole mate to help sooth my desires for great food, good fun and more cooking… Oops, wrong advert… sorry… :-)

    Honestly now. I am a graduate student studying business administration while working as a full time computer programmer here in Taylor, Michigan (Metro Detroit.) Some people may say I live alone, but I do not. I have my wonderful companion, Morris. You can view a photo or Morris here. [Go ahead a click it. Here needs his attention too.] Besides loving to be in the kitchen I have a few other hobbies that are out of the norm. Along with having a 1939 Plymouth coupe, I am an avid collector of coin operated devices and antique music machines. I love everything from arcades, pinball machines, jukeboxes, phonographs and amberolas to player pianos, nickelodeons and orchestrions. In addition, I am currently getting into photography. When I am not working, going to school or studying I try to enjoy my collection and be with family. Even though I have not lived with my parents in three years, I sill talk to (and most likely see) my mother on a daily basis. Just yesterday I got a call from Mom and we decided to take up cooking classes. Waaahoooo! Last night was the first class and we had a wonderful time.

    I really look forward to seeing all the wonderful items to be prepared and working to see how much cash we can collect to help those in need.

    I wish the best to all the contestants and Bon Appetite!

  4. It’s just Delilah. Congrats to the winners, and I look forward to following your culinary adventures, far from both the frying pan and the fires!! Delilah :-)

  5. Fantastic! I’m so happy that someone appreciates my skills at looking ‘whitebread’. In case it comes up, I can also look like OJ while drinking O.J., and I can be corny while eating corn.

    Actually, I do corny pretty well. Sigh.

    I’m currently doing university biomedical research in the San Francisco bay area. When I’m not at work, you might find me:

    -Searching in vain for ice cream trucks

    -Trying a new and exciting restaurant in the area

    -Playing soccer or volleyball

    -Throwing a small dinner party

    -Hiking or backpacking

    -Training for Gourmet Survivor II

    -Reading stories about food bloggers *

    So I’m obviously really excited about being in the contest, and I hope that we can raise some money for hurricane relief in the process. I clearly have my work cut out for me, as I have no children, cats, or fish who might taste-test my cooking, and I’ve never even heard of Chancellor Martok. I’m sure he makes a mean etouffee, though.

    Bring on the first challenge!


    * those of you who are paying close attention will notice that this is my second blatant attempt to influence AG’s selection for my celebrity-food-blogger sidekick. A bold maneuver, which may backfire …

  6. It would’ve been helpful if each of the pics were identified with what it was they were specifically doing from the list…

  7. Well it was fun doing the scavenger hunt. Actually found out a bit more about the city I live in while doing it. Good luck to all the winners for the next round!

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