An Adorable Baby

Long-time fans of the site will remember my Atlanta friends Josh and Katy who took over for a spell two summers ago when I was studying for a certain test that has no signifigance in the grand scheme of things. If that doesn’t ring a bell, they sang with me on “Dinner: The Musical” and starred in the hit film: “Katy Bakes A Nectarine Pie” in which Katy baked a nectarine pie. (She’s still the best pie-maker I ever met.)

So guess what’s happened since I left Atlanta?


They gave birth to a watermelon! Just kidding. They had a baby! Her name is Lucy and she’s adorable and I can’t wait to meet her. Check out her website of adorable pictures. Do you see how this blog makes people fertile? Keep reading and have a baby today!

We love you Lucy!

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