Cholesterol: 175

HDL: 39

LDL: 117

TRI: 95

To quote the lab technician: “Very good.” To quote my grandma: “That HDL’s not good, you need to exercise.” Woohoo?

7 thoughts on “175!”

  1. The HDL is low but the others don’t seem too bad. Gotta watch that heart of yours.


    Less than 200 Optimal Goal

    200 to 239 Borderline High

    240 or higher High


    Less than 100 Optimal Goal

    100 to 129 Close to Optimal

    130 to 159 Borderline High

    160 to 189 High

    190 or higher Very high (definite risk)


    Less than 40 Low (High Risk)

    60 or higher High (Optimal)


    Less than 150 Optimal Goal

  2. See? God or the Universe or whatever is rewarding you for your merry heart with a healthy heart. I understand that one or two (alcoholic) drinks a day (but no more) are actually good for increasing HDL levels…

  3. a bottle of wine a day keeps the doctor away – and butter is *definitely* good for you!!! keep smiling, you’ll live longer and enjoy it more.

  4. Salmon and other oily fish is super-good for your heart! Not to mention your belly… just be careful you don’t eat big predatory fish like king mackerel too often because of their high mercury content.

  5. What the heck??????? 175!!!! You guys must really have different scales in the US, because when my cholesterol was clocked at 6, I was told to start getting serious about low-fat everything. :-)

  6. I’m totally in awe of your cholesterol. Everything I see you post about is loaded with butter and yet you’re running like a clock! It’s just not fair, I tell you.

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