“The rice is on fire!”

I enjoyed watching “Sushi Made Easy” at a site that’s in the spirit of this site, the Reality Food Network. I found them because they linked to me first, so you could accuse me of scratching a back that scratched mine first, but then I watched the sushi video and it had me laughing. Check it out!

3 thoughts on ““The rice is on fire!””

  1. I’m suprised the smoke detector didn’t go off when the rice caught on fire. It looks like it came out pretty well though.

  2. I thought the Indian food one was funny. I liked when they try to pronounce “cardamom” and when their wives laugh at them in the background about the cloves.

  3. Adam,

    Thanks for the link! I’m glad you guys like the show.

    By the way, the smoke detector was going off, when you see me come back into the smokey kitchen from somewhere in the back, I was actually taking the smoke detector down to shut it up. :) The sound was cut out during editing.

    We sent this footage into the food network’s “The Next Food Network Star”. I guess the rice fire was in some clip they ran in the first episode. However, suprisingly I do not yet have my own featured show :) LOL

    I hope everyone is having a great summer!

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