Podcast #2: The Coffee Episode

You know how the early episodes of “The Simpsons” are all grainy and the characters are drawn all weird and the voices aren’t really set yet? Well think of last week’s podcast that way and this week’s like “Simpsons” Season 3. Because this podcast totally rocks. It’s a theme episode–that theme being “coffee”–and it includes a telephone interview with Jonathan Rubenstein who owns New York’s best coffee shop (named so in The Village Voice and New York Magazine several years in a row) Joe: The Art of Coffee. Jonathan was so nice and as you’ll hear, the interview goes way in depth. The sound quality, by the way, is way improved because I switched from a crappy microphone to the complex process of using my video camera, dumping the file in iMovie, extracting the audio, loading it up in iTunes, converting to mp3 and then dragging that into Garageband. Fun fun fun!! Plus, after hours of research, I figured out the whole RSS/XML thing (at least I think I did) and submitted the feed to iTunes where, hopefully, it’ll be up as soon as they approve it. Please, if you have the capacity, give this podcast a listen. I worked hard on it!

Listen to “Podcast #2: The Coffee Episode.”

8 thoughts on “Podcast #2: The Coffee Episode”

  1. Hey Adam – I listened to the whole thing and really enjoyed it! Idea for another time – how about a theme of farmers markets and you could interview some of the vendors at the Union Square Greenmarket?

  2. I really enjoyed your podcast about coffee, Adam! It’s funny, I felt the same way about a coffee shop in Evanston (where I go to school)… I wrote almost exactly the same thing Jonathan Rubenstein said: When you find a coffee shop that makes coffee this good, it’s almost criminal to cover it up.

    Thank you for a great podcast! Reminds me that if I had anything to say, I would totally make one.

  3. You said you’d like ideas for the next podcast– well, I live in Boston but have wanted to visit The Doughnut Plant for years… could you do a doughnut themed episode and interview a doughnut maker there?

  4. I must have missed the first podcast, this was thoroughly enjoyable. Of course, it was somewhat troubling to listen to Mr. Rubenstein’s commitment to quality while sipping on my Starbucks latte… we need more people like him!

    Lisa, a vegetarian AND a coffee-hater? Oh, the humanity…

  5. My first podcast as well. Kinda cool to hear what you sound like,after reading your blog for awhile. Podcast was nicely done. I also loved your coverage of the cruise!!

  6. How exciting! I hope this becomes a trend among print-only food bloggers–I’ve been preaching the gospel of podcasts to anyone who would listen. Thanks for be a pioneer.

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