Lolita Likes Adam Water

Sometimes in the morning when I’m checking my e-mail or reading the comments on the blog, I hear the sound of drinking over my shoulder. Strange, I think, and then I turn and see this:

Lolita likes to drink the water on my nightstand from the night before. It’s like I’m her taster: “He drank it and lived, and so will I!” (Apparently, I really don’t drink enough water at night becasue she has no trouble getting her head in far enough to drink. And don’t worry–even though it’s not environmentally sound, I throw the cup out after!)

10 thoughts on “Lolita Likes Adam Water”

  1. Yeah. My cats prefer my iced tea. They also like to lick ice cubes when all the water or iced tea is gone. And they prefer running water to the water that’s sitting in their dish so they bump against the bathroom faucets until they turn the tap on.

  2. My cat does this, too, and has gotten his head wedged into a glass on more than one occasion…but then he also drinks from the toilet so he’s not much of a connoisseur!

  3. Hehe, I think the really funny part of this post is that Adam said he was doing something in the MORNING! Ha that was funny! My room mate used to have an evil cat *&^#$#$@@#!that would drink my fish bowl water. never touched the fish, but loved the water.

  4. My cat used to do that too. My vet suggested giving him his own water dish next to the bed and that’s made him a happy, well-watered feline.

  5. My cat does that too, for like a second. Then the glass is knocked to the floor with pure relish. Every, single, time. Mommy never learns.

  6. my cats used to drink cold tea. i have this habit of wandering away from my cup and forgetting where it is and making a new one, and my cats would come along and drink the cold, old one. which i was fine with! but then i had to take one of them to the vet, and apparently, tea is not the greatest choice of liquid in the world for cats. and it makes them fart. so i had to make them give up their habit.

    i felt kind of bad about it.

  7. My cats aren’t a year old yet so they’re still pretty active. And there’s nothing like kitties on caffeine after a late night!

    I once also had a couple cats who liked cantaloupe. They would lick a piece dry and then bat it back and forth until it was all bruised and juicy again so they could work it down to nothing. They were soooo cute and it was a hoot to see how they’d work cooperatively.

  8. VIVA LOLITA! My own queenie feline, Minerva, sniffs my beverages and then gives me a look of “I wouldn’t drink *that* if I were you.” But she loves macaroni & cheese, go figure.

  9. Looks like the cat’s talk about what is good to drink from their owners. Mine drinks iced tea and the dog’s water. They have their own bowls, but never use them.

    My cat like to eat icing too, which is weird, ’cause they are not supposed to be able to taste sweet.

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