Food on the Boob Tube

I’d like to share with you several food-related moments from several days of TV watching:

(1) The VH1 show “Celebrity Fit Club” is strangely enjoyable. Yes, it’s got all the markings of a crappy reality show: the panel of judges, the challenges, the weigh-ins. But at the end of the day, it takes a certain amount of bravery for a celebrity, no matter how low on the totem pole, to get weighed in every week and to get chewed out by an angry drill instructor. The moment I’d like to point out, however, is a happy moment. It’s when the Snapple Lady got weighed in the other day—she didn’t reach that week’s target of 5 pounds, but she teared up and said that running in that large plastic ball (one of the challenges) against Jacque from 227 was one the highlights of her life. See now I’m crying. Someone get me a Snapple.

(2) Nothing better than old Roseanne and this particularly episode I caught, called “I’m Hungry,” (from the first or second season) was perfect for our Amateur Gourmet audience. Roseanne goes on a diet because her pants won’t fit. She starts throwing away all the junk food and Dan says, “Whoah that’s $40 worth of food you’re throwing out” and he hides it in a cabinet saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Some of the exchanges were priceless but now I forget them. Oh, like when Becky says it’s okay for Dan to get fat because “men are supposed to get fat when they get older, but on women it looks awful.” Roseanne doesn’t take that well. D.J. tells Roseanne he “likes her mushy.” I agree.

(3) Kathy Griffin’s show (which is hilarious, methinks) had her eating miniature tacos. “My nutritionist wants me to eat carrots, he says when I crave tacos I should have a carrot but let me tell you something, I’ve had a carrot and it’s no f*ing taco.” [What’s funny is I completely made that quote up from my vague memory of what she really said. I’m a horrible journalist but that’s the nice thing about being a blogger. I get to make everything up without penalty.]

Tune in next week for more Food on the Boob Tube.

3 thoughts on “Food on the Boob Tube”

  1. I have to say, and I think Alice Horton will back me up here…Celebrity Fit Club is the best thing going on TV right now. The Snapple Lady and Jackee were entertaining, but Victoria Jackson deserved to win the hamster race. And I think I speak for all of America when I say, God is with you, Buddy Lembeck. Please get back to a healthy weight. Please.

  2. The “carrot” episode repeated and I just saw it yesterday. I agree this show is a total hoot. One of my secret pleasures.

    Also, I too really enjoy “Celebrity Fit Club.” Did you see the upcoming series features Carnie Wilson? I can’t believe she needs to lose weight again.

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