Failure: A Short Film

I could tell you the story involved here, but I think the film speaks for itself. It’s very short and depressing. You’ll love it!

Watch “Failure”

18 thoughts on “Failure: A Short Film”

  1. My sister and I watched your short film on failure and found it higlhy amusing. You sure have a way with imagery and sound Adam. Brilliant!

  2. That is too funny. I was making a german chocolate cake last night and forgot to add the eggs. I had just put the batter in the pans, so I dumped it back into the bowl (along with the non-stick spray residue). I mixed in the eggs, washed the pans, re-paned the batter and baked. The cake came out wonderful. Waaaa, hooooo…

  3. It’s happened to everyone… I always have a hard time with the amount of butter in a stick, and one time I added 4 sticks instead of 2 to a cake – that was certainly interesting. Just yesterday, a container of bar cookies in my refrigerator that I had just made fell out and the glass pan shattered. Ah, failure, where would we be without it?

  4. That was so funny but you really should try the salvage as Jason suggested. You might come out with something new, like the person who invented biscotti.

  5. I’m reading this from Tokyo. Just peed myself. Nice work, dude. I’m really just jealous that you have an oven; all we get here is toasters.

  6. See, I woulda just ate the raw batter, with a spoon. Or froze it, or something, and called it a haute frozen Italian confection.

  7. Oh, I’ve so been there. I made brownies once with my sister (kind of a bonding moment). I think we were having too much fun, because we forgot the sugar. We tried again another time, and did something else wrong, and we had to throw the pan away — we couldn’t get the “brownies” out, even with an ice pick!

    Maybe that’s why I don’t do brownies from scratch. I was traumatized.

  8. Hi Rand, that song is “Wise Up” by Aimee Mann as featured in not one but TWO Tom Cruise films: “Jerry Maguire” and “Magnolia.” (It’s the one everyone sings together in the music video sequence of the latter film.) Am I comparing myself to Tom Cruise? Not at all. Ok maybe. Where’s the Scientology recruitment center?

  9. geeeeez you kill me. speaking of cool music that you feature, what is the name of the piece that you used in Lolita’s video message?

  10. Well, I stumbled in the door here quite by accident, and am so happy I found you.

    I love you and your funny blog, too.

    From one foodie to another.

  11. My first visit and I’m spending waaaaaay too much time online tonight!! This could be my favorite new place. Thanks for the smiles. I can’t wait to visit the city and try some of the places you talk about. Keep up the great work!!

  12. Sorry I was busy an just checked by now Thanks for letting me now the name of the Aimee Mann Song


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