Why I Loved Atlanta (As Made Apparent in Today’s NYT)

This lead story in today’s NYT Dining Section paints the perfect picture of why I loved living in Atlanta for the seven years that I went to school there. It’s a profile of Watershed (read my review!) famous for its fried chicken and owned by Emily Saliers of The Indigo Girls. This paragraph says it all: “Sometimes fried chicken is just about the chicken. In the South, where paradoxes live next door to each other and race, class and sex clash with particular complexity, it can be about much more. At Watershed, it’s about families broken and mended, unlikely friendships, and redemption.” What a beautiful story–makes me miss my life as a Geogia Peach

1 thought on “Why I Loved Atlanta (As Made Apparent in Today’s NYT)”

  1. sigh. . .

    after re-reading your review, your mention of Silver Skillet’s biscuits made me miss my days as a georgia peach.

    Damn, that fried chicken was tasty. . .shame it has to be in Atlanta.

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