The Inaugural Amateur Gourmet Podcast! (Wednesday Wade-Through #1)

Well how could I resist? Apple’s newest iTunes allows you publish podcasts which you can create on Garageband. For those not in the know, Podcasts are like homespun radio shows. Usually they’re music-based but why not a food based one? Enter moi. In this inaugural episode we tackle:

Julie Powell’s Op-Ed piece and Bruce Cole’s rebuttal.

Alaina’s sandwich post (though now I see it wasn’t Alaina who posted it, but Lia Bulaong!) Oops! Sorry ’bout that…


– New York Magazine’s Eat Cheap Issue.

So I’ll post it here and then I’ll set up a thing in iTunes for those who want to listen to it in iTunes. You’ll probably be able to find me there under Amateur Gourmet once I set everything up. As for now, though, you can just click below and listen to the mp3! Oh and please be forgiving: this is my first one!

Listen to “Wednesday Wade-Through Podcast #1.”

10 thoughts on “The Inaugural Amateur Gourmet Podcast! (Wednesday Wade-Through #1)”

  1. I liked your Podcast, although I was surprised how nervous you sounded. The organic food debate is interesting. And I really liked your ending too.

    If I could make a request…my husband and I are loving your posts on your trip. Would you consider doing a podcast on your trip or part of it?

  2. Wow. Not wanting to eat pesticides never struck me as an ‘elitist’ thing before. Interesting points raised. For what it’s worth, I’d love to eat organic because I really believe it’s better for us and for the environment, but dammit, I can’t afford it. I just can’t!! So, every once in a while I’ll go for an organic something or other, but mostly , I buy the poison, genetically engineered “pretty” stuff and wonder what MY shelf life is.


    Congrats on your podcast!

  3. ya sound good dude, keep on keepin’ on…

    for what it is worth, the whole sandwich-made-by-others thing is definitely true, no doubt about it.

    my wife makes the best sammiches, bar none. i am a lucky fellow indeed.

    good luck with your next podcast adam, can’t wait to check in and hear you again.

    (ps: ever make/eat a croque madame sandwich? holy crap, it’s amazing….)

  4. AG: Always reader, sometimes poster. Love, love, love to listen to you talk, but pump up the volume, man! I have to hug my laptop to hear you! (Lack of external speakers…) As always, love your posts. As to the Whole Foods/oraganic debate: at most one half of the produce at Whole Foods is organic. A good portion of it is convintionally grown. (At least at my Whole Foods this is true.) Read your labels, folks! So, don’t shell out money for pesticides when you could go to a local organic market and be sure. Tha

  5. First off, not all the produce at Whole Foods is organic. Second, the distinction you draw between Whole Foods and Gristedes is more about the stores than anything that has to do with the produce. So yes, Whole Foods, which is open about its technique of selecting the most attractive produce for display, tends to feature better-looking stuff. That’s the whole point. It has nothing to do with organic/conventional.

  6. Yeah, I agree with the previous poster about the volume. But it sure was fun. Keep it up…good to put a voice with the brilliance.

  7. enjoyed the Podcast, glad to read the comments and find out I am not losing my hearing! Nice work!

  8. Did the podcast go up to the Music Store yet? I couldn’t find it and wanted to check.

  9. Hey Emily, no it hasn’t—I’m a bit stuck. (Harry, I’ll take you up on your offer for help!) See the music store asks for the URL for the RSS feed of my podcast. My podcast doesn’t have an RSS feed so I don’t know what to do. Who can help me?!


    Adam (aka “The Amateur Gourmet”)

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