Cooking My Trip Part One: Greek Salad

As promised, here is my attempt at an authentic Greek salad based on the two I ate while in Greece. I had some help because I bought a cookbook while there: “The Best Traditional Recipes of Greek Cooking.” There are two recipes for Greek salad in there but they’re both essentially the same. The only real executive decision I needed to make was how to cut the vegetables. I’m actually very happy with my choices: (you can click the pic to enlarge)


Impressed, aren’t you? Come on: I’m a know-nothing gourmet and I made that salad. Huzzah!

So let’s talk about what makes it great:

– no lettuce! If you want an authentic Greek salad (as corroborated by one of the commenters in my Greece post) there’s no lettuce. So throw your lettuce out, man. It’s not worth it.

– What you do need is quite simple (and cheap!): tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and green peppers. These you can cut however you want but look how I did it: the green pepper in large chunks (which gives them a greater presence), the tomatoes in wedges, cucumbers in slices (that are peeled) and onions in big chunks too. I put all those vegetables into a bowl and tossed with olive oil and a splash of vinegar. Then I sprinkled oregano over it with some salt and pepper. Layered on a plate and topped with two big chunks of feta and a smattering of olives.

Let’s compare to the sources:



Not to brag but I think mine looks just as good if not better! Well except for the herb-flecked feta in the second one. And I see now that I cut the peppers differently than the Greeks but I stand by my choice. Hope you all try this out some day!

7 thoughts on “Cooking My Trip Part One: Greek Salad”

  1. Mmm. I have been thinking about Greek salads all week because of you. That looks so good. What kind of vinegar did you use?

  2. I was recently at a restaurant, and asked them about their Greek salad. Sadly, I was told that it did in fact have lettuce, but NO cucumbers or onion! I think (I saw someone else’s order) carrots may have been involved. I wanted to weep :) Your salad, by contrast, looks absolutely perfect and terribly tasty. Good job! Now I’m craving salty cheese at 10:00 a.m.

  3. Hi Everyone! Adam, I’m enjoying your food blog on your trip. Your salad does look good and tasty! Impressive!


  4. Mmmm… cheese.

    Hadn’t really thought about it but during our time in Europe, only in the north was lettuce in salad.

    //hate carrots in salad

  5. hi,your salad looks very taste,i have to cook a meal for college so i thought i would make moussaka with a little salad on the side,with little gem lettuce, strawberrys,kiwi, do you think this will work i wasnt sure what sort of lettuce you would use,thanks

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