Ciao Europe, Buongiorno America!

Cue the trumpets, start the parade…I have returned! And I am exhausted! It feels SIX HOURS LATER right now…do you know how late that is? 1:25 AM in Italy time! Outrageous! My trip was awesome and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Thanks to Lisa for her awesome substitution job and if she still has some more posts coming we’ll surely have her post them. Tomorrow night begins the epic blogging of my two and a half week Mediterranean food Odyssey. Lots of pictures, lots of meals…I ate so much, oy, I must have gained 40 pounds. But I got a little tan so that’s good, right? All right all right, must unpack and make bed and pet cat… more tomorrow… promise!

10 thoughts on “Ciao Europe, Buongiorno America!”

  1. Welcome back!! You were missed. Lisa did a fine job– she should start a blog of her own — but your writing, humor and experiences are what keep me reading your blog every day.

    That plus the hopes of seeing Lolita every so often.

  2. can’t wait to read about your travels! and yes, lisa MUST start her own blog. she was great!

  3. Welcome back! You were REALLY missed. Lisa is great — I can see why she’s your friend — but she needs a new ‘puter, alas. I checked the site every day but because of her ‘puter problems, I missed my daily AG fix. Anyway, I’m dying to hear about your travels.

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