That Chicken Belongs in a Pasta! Who’s its agent?

Rubber chickens are stretchy and roasted chickens stretch themselves out for a week’s worth of meals. Take yesterday’s nutmeg chicken, for example. There is so much chicken left. What to do with that chicken? I know: a pasta!

The pasta is leftover bowties from “pasta, pesto and peas,” the sauce is the pan drippings left over from yesterday (they’d entered a solid state in the fridge, but I melted them in the microwave: I believe this is what is called schmaltz) and for extra texture I added toasted pine nuts. PLUS: I forgot there was proscuitto in the chicken’s cavity, so I pulled some out and it was delicious. I added that and pieces of chicken to the end product and dinner was ready in no time. Ahhh, to roast a chicken… and still plenty left over for lunch tomorrow!

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