Reason To Live In New York #626236

You can order pizza that looks like this!

It may not look special, but it is special: the sauce is fresh, the cheese is real, the crust is baked in a wood-burning oven. It comes from Pizza 33 on 23rd Street–a place I’ve passed many times. Who knew they delivered? And who knew the price of this pizza would be less than any pizza I ordered when I lived in Atlanta? (It came to around $10 with tip. I gave a nice tip.) This is their pizza margherita: it’s a nice alternative to your stuffed crust dipping strips Queen Latifah voice over brand-name pizza. And yet another reason for you to move to New York…

8 thoughts on “Reason To Live In New York #626236”

  1. Pizza 33 is one of the best pies you can get in the city. When I lived in NYC, I frequented the place on a weekly basis, especially since their Murray Hill spot was only a block away from where I lived (33rd and 3rd). Man I miss that pizza

  2. well if i didn’t have enough reason to move to NY before!! YUMMAAAAAAA

    i can hear fat bastard in my head going ‘get in mah bellayyy’


    i’ll keep the place in mind when i visit in october.


  3. Ok, you made me convinced to come to NYC but…what the hell is that little white table on top of almost all new york pizzas? :-)

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