Persistent Pizza Man

Man Delivers Pizzas After Being Shot: “TAMPA, Fla. (June 8) – A robbery attempt by a masked man and a gunshot wound to the leg didn’t stop a pizza delivery man from making his rounds, pies in hand.” Thanks to John for sending this my way!

6 thoughts on “Persistent Pizza Man”

  1. dear adam and friends,

    my comment has nothing to do with the pizza guy although that is enthralling.

    1. the guy i am dating secretly spends more time on the amateur gourmet than he does with me

    2. i’m not complaining but adam promised that he was going to take me to an amateur gourmet dinner for my birthday in february. it is june. i have seen no such birthday dinner. however, my roommate who will remain nameless has appeared on this website (eating, may i add) more than 9 dozen times. she’s eaten. she’s cooked. she’s made videos. i cry and cry alone in my apartment with HER cat. readers, i beg you, tell adam to take me to dinner. i said i would date him in college, even if he wasn’t interested in me that way. that’s devotion. and what do i get in return? i can’t even put it in words. sigh.

  2. Um, anony, I’m not cool with breaking promises. That’s shady of the AG.

    But, you sound a bit obesseive. I might be inclinded to ignore you too.

    P.S. I think Adam doesn’t like girls. I mean he likes ’em for sure, but yeah…

  3. As a former pizza man, I salute my fallen brother for his diligence.

    As for Adam liking guys, i went on a date with him tuesday, but then he stood me up today!

  4. Lisa'sNotaVirgin

    Dude, the AG and I totally shagged in college. You guys are fools. And he is a tomcat– don’t get me started, don’t EVEN get me started!

    As for breaking the date with “anonymous”, I think the AG should put out again as repentance. Maybe you all can have a nice romantic picnic at the botanic gardens, or visit “anonymous'” freshman year roommate. She’s a doll. They are like sisters.

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