My New Favorite Condiments: Praline Spread and Framboises Confiture

Le Pain Quotidien and I got off to a bad start when I nearly gagged to death from their poisonous orange juice/mint flavored lemonade. We turned over a new leaf today, though, when I met Alex and Jason at the 5th Avenue location: already the atmosphere was different, less stuffy, more casual. I ordered a fruit salad, Alex had a coffee, Jason had an iced tea. Then we spied the condiments on the table next to us. “Have you had that stuff?” asked Alex. “It’s so good.”

The waiter approached and I asked him: “What can we order that we’d be able to use those condiments on the next table?”

He laughed and he said: “Well I can bring you baguettes or multigrain bread.”

We voted on multigrain bread and soon it arrived. Here’s Alex, Jason, the bread and the condiments:

Oh Lord, these condiments are awesome. (I think it’s funny how much I’m using the word condiments. Condiments! Condiments!)

The praline spread tastes like chocolatey smooth peanut butter. The framboises confiture (or raspberry preserves) were excellent. I spread a gooey layer of the prailine and then plopped a raspberry layer on top. This inspired Alex and Jason who ate theirs with as much enthusiasm as I ate mine.

I was so enthusiastic, in fact, that upon leaving I decided to buy my own jars of praline spread and raspberry preserves. These I will use tomorrow morning for a decadent breakfast of whole wheat toast and condiments, condiments, condiments. I misjudged you, Le Pain Quotidien. You may make barfy lemonade, but your condiments are divine.*

*(How often have you heard THAT sentence?)

3 thoughts on “My New Favorite Condiments: Praline Spread and Framboises Confiture”

  1. What are the ingredients on the praline spread? I want to make it as part of my low-sugar diet!MMMMm and it sounds delicious and yummy! I need it!

  2. Incredible breakfast treat: get the basket of assorted breads and just lavish them with butter, jams and spreads. There are nut and fruit breads, flutes, wholegrain bread, pain Poilâne…mmmmm. There’s plenty to share, but you’ll want your own bowl of cafe au lait or hot chocolate…

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