It’s a pretzel! It’s a croissant! It’s a pretzel It’s a croissant! It’s a pretzel croissant from The City Bakery!

David Lebovitz of the food blog told me recently that he told Clotilde, upon leaving for America, that she must try the salted croissant from The City Bakery. “That’s the thing from New York I crave the most,” wrote David.

Well being in the neighborhood today of The City Bakery, I found myself driven into the store in pursuit of a salted croissant. They were labelled “pretzel croissants” on the glass case and they cost $3. I purchased one along with a lemonade and I took it home. Here it is on my windowsill:


What a strange concoction! It tastes like a croissant AND it tastes like a pretzel. It’s like that SNL sketch: “It’s a floor wax! It’s a dessert topping! It’s a floor wax AND a dessert topping!”

After several thoughtful bites, I concluded that the pretzel croissant functions more like a pretzel than it does a croissant. Meaning: I’d be more likely to eat a pretzel croissant in situations where I craved a pretzel than situations where I craved a croissant. It’s because of the saltiness.

But indeed, its peculiar flavors make this a truly unique noshing experience. I’ll have to ask Clotilde if she’s tried one yet when I see her tomorrow night. OH YES: Tomorrow, The Amateur Gourmet meets Chocolate & Zucchini for a landmark dinner of epic proportions that you’ll be hearing about very soon. Stay tuned!


  1. I am sure though that must taste devine, just unsure it would go well with my morning java.

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