Fun with Blogpoll

[I had to delete these blogpolls because they were turning my site green! I’ll try to figure a way to bring them back later…]

3 thoughts on “Fun with Blogpoll”

  1. Too bad about your cooking rating in that last poll, guy! I guess it’s just that you have more readers than dinner guests.

  2. I love your blog. While doing a search for rich chocolate ice cream, your web site came up referencing the Wildly decadent and expensive chocolate ice cream you made. Would you please send me the recipe or let me know where you found it? I’m trying to duplicate Berthillon’s ice cream which I had 2 weeks ago in Paris.

  3. I have a request; well, I have two requests. They are related. First, the easy one.

    Since you’re making polls, you could have us vote on a place we’d like to see you review.

    Secondly, my personal request, could you review Candle Cafe or Candle79? It’s a vegan restaurant there in NYC. I’d love to read what you have to say about it! Amazon also sells the Candle Cafe Cookbook that you can plug on the side ;)

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