The Return of “On The Side”

The observent among you will notice that on the left side of the page now, above “Funny Food Films,” is a link that was on the right side of the page for a brief flicker of time called “On The Side.” Well it’s back now…back with a vengance, and a new banner (which I made myself) and a fresh post about books. I’m excited about “On The Side” because on those days when I’m starving myself to make myself pretty and there’s nothing to tell you about concerning food, I can go to “On The Side” and write about movies or politics or spaghetti (No! Spaghetti’s for your main blog!) (Oops! I forgot!) and entertain you with my take on things that are NOT food related. So tell your friends, tell your family, tell your parole officer…it’s ON THE SIDE and it’s taking America by storm!

3 thoughts on “The Return of “On The Side””

  1. You liked Kavalier & Clay and The Corrections, excellent! If you haven’t done so already, I must respectfully insist that you read Everything Is Illuminated. Immediately if not sooner. Although be aware, it’s funny and quirky, and so it sneaks up on you, but it’s a very serious Holocaust book. It caught me off guard so now I warn people when I recommend it.

  2. don’t know where else to put this, but this guy was dissing you and the Janet Jackson cupcakes on the KGO-810 radio station this morning.

    It all started with a phone interview with the pastry chef at Clementine in LA, subject: cupcakes, at about 6:20 this morning.

    Ed then Googled cupcakes and apparently you were on the first page. I briefly heard Amateur Gourmet Janet Jackson cupcakes and almost wrecked the car. They had a traffic update and then Ed came back on, laughing his head off – but then finished by saying you had too much time on your hands.

    I think you should email him and tell him off.

  3. We should all bow down and give thanks to the ghost of James Beard that the AG has “too much time on his hands,” dammit! :P Great idea to revive “On The Side,” I love reading the non-edible culture vulture ramblings too.

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