Thank You Christina!

What a nice surprise today waiting for me in the mail room: site reader Christina M. (I’m not stating her full last name to protect her identity in case other food bloggers demand gifts) bought for me, off my Amazon wishlist, Jean-George’s “Cooking with a 4 Star Chef.” This book excites me very much: there’s a fantastic recipe for stock that requires, instead of hard-to-find chicken bones and carcasses and necks, a bunch of chicken wings. I’m totally going to make that. Thanks so much, Christina, you made my day!

1 thought on “Thank You Christina!”

  1. I find that I can get chicken “extras” at the local chinese/mexican/jewish/local ethnic markets and grocers. If you have any butchers around, they’ll sell them really cheap too. I pay about $.75 per pound for backs, necks, and the other bone parts — but chicken legs with thighs are $.89 cents a pound, so I purchase those for use when making chicken stock

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