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Saturday, 6th Avenue was blocked off from 23rd street down to 14th street and lots of booths and stands were erected to create what was most likely a street fair. I’m not sure if this street fair was in honor of anything in particular or if a bunch of people got together and said, “Hey, let’s have a street fair!” (this seems very unlikely since there were so many booths—even Starbucks had a booth.) The food at this street fair looked a lot like the food I’ve seen at 99% of the other New York street fairs: sausages are big, so’s lemonade. But at this particular street fair the far-and-away most popular food was roasted corn. Here’s the corn booth:

I feel like roasted corn is a good bet because there’s not a lot to get in the way by way of chemicals and preservatives. These guys basically cooked the mostly husked corn on an open flame and the squirted butter and sprinkled salt on it. The corn cost $2. Here’s my cob:


If the corn were perfectly in season, it would have been delicious. But the corn wasn’t particularly sweet yet—maybe because we’re not in the height of summer. As it stood though, the butter and salt helped a lot and it was fun eating corn on a stick walking back home where dental floss awaited me: I needed the dental floss to get all that corn out of my teeth.

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  1. How coincidental, I had roasted corn with summer vegetable risotto(yellow squash and asparagus) and marinated meat tonight for dinner. ‘Twas DELISH…but amen to the dental floss afterwards…

    Have a good evening, AG!



  2. Ah – you must miss being in the south. Corn country indeed. I had some corn yesterday for my Memorial day cook-out and, seriously, I thought it was caramel corn. It was so SWEET. Then I realized that I was eating caramel corn…

    No really, I think the corn down here is delicious (and I did eat REAL corn yesterday… and it was SWEET).



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