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Last week, I went with Lisa to lunch at Daniele’s Piadina which I had reviewed the week before. Lisa had never been there and now that Lisa works in my neighborhood (Lisa just took a job with Air America, located only eight blocks down!) we can eat lunch together more easily than we could in a former life.

Lisa studied the menu for a while, as did I, and as we made our way to the counter something green and red caught my eye. It was a piece of paper laminated and pressed on to cardboard attached to the plastic dessert case to the left of the register. More importantly, it was me!

“What would you like?” asked the woman behind the counter.

Lisa began to order and I nudged her.

“What?” she said, irritated. I pointed to the dessert case and she looked at the dessert, shrugged, and continued placing her order.

She finished and then I nudged her again.

“What!” she said, louder.

“Look,” I said, “It’s me.”

I pointed and she saw what I saw: a printed out copy of my review from the week before placed prominently next to the register.

“Oh my God!” said Lisa, “That’s you!”

The woman behind the register registered our registering of the review. “That’s you?” she said.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Oh!” she said. Then I tried to order the #1 but she insisted I try the #5 which is dried beef instead of prosciutto. She was right, it was really good.

Lisa had an eggplant piadina which she enjoyed but she felt there was too much balsamic vinegar.

I’d like to conclude by saying if any other restaurants would like to use my visage to advertise their product, I volunteer myself gladly. Nude modeling is NOT a problem. (You hear that, DOUGHNUT PLANT?)

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