Oooh Flickr…

So once again I hit my photo limit on my .mac account and I was going to go delete some pics from the archives, then the little techie in my head was like: “Dude, you’re getting a Dell!” And I was like: “What?” Then he was like: “Oops, sorry, I mean: dude, use Flickr!”

Many of you had suggested I use Flickr before, and I even suggested that contestants of Amateur Gourmet Survivor use Flickr, but I hadn’t used it myself. Why? I was nervous. I was scared. I felt like I had more control over .mac—I uploaded the pics directly from iPhoto by simply clicking “homepage” and there it was, I had a homepage, and we were set.

But now that I’ve been forced on to Flickr, I already love it! It’s so user friendly and the resulting page looks great. My name on there is “The Amateur Gourmet,” you can see the pics I’m about to post if you check out the page I just made on there by clicking here. Long live, Flickr! It’s my new favorite way to post photos on the web.

4 thoughts on “Oooh Flickr…”

  1. Oh, and also, there’s a great iPhoto plugin for Flickr in case you’re not already using it:

    It lets you apply tags to a whole bunch of images at once and easily make a photo album in one fell swoop. Works perfectly as far as I’ve seen, although I haven’t pushed it too hard.

  2. I use Flickr too. But when I exceeded my limit for the month, I needed to find something else and I went to Buzznet. I find it a WHOLE lot easier to use.

    If I select a photo I want to use it displays it in several different sizes along with the HTML code that’s ready to copy and pop into an application. Perfect for a computer illiterate like me! And I can import 5 photos at a time. Each is displayed as an image and I can give them each a caption in a single import.

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