Nice Font and Good Food: Daniele’s Piadina

This place opened four blocks below me, down on 22nd street and 6th avenue: (Don’t you love the graphic design?)


It opened a few weeks ago and now I’ve been there twice. I really like it. They serve piadana which is a flatbread that’s stuffed with a variety of options. I chose the Daniele and it has prosciutto, Strachino (a tangy Italian cheese) and arugula. It’s fatty, bitter and bright—just like me!

While I was eating, this woman walked in and I wish I had a video camera. She seemed to step right out of an SNL skit: “Oh my God!” she yelled, “What is this place! When did you open up?! I can’t believe you opened up this place in my neighborhood and I didn’t even know about it! I’ve lived here for 22 years! I know every square inch of this place. What do you serve here? OH MY GOD, this is unbelievable!”

Great entertainment, great food, and great graphic design. I highly recommend it.

5 thoughts on “Nice Font and Good Food: Daniele’s Piadina”

  1. ok, adam, is this a linguistic provocation, or what?

    the PIADINA has to be called SAN DANIELE (the name a prosciutto), the cheese is STRACCHINO and, while we’re at it, let’s give the salad the Italian name of RUCOLA or RUGHETTA. End of pedantic lesson and now ENJOY! (GODITELA!)

  2. sorry, I noticed the name of the place is Daniele so that must be right, the other corrections are still valid though

  3. I am curious about this “piadina”. Can somebody give me more info, like a website or phone number please. Grazie

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