Bruni Ballads: “Somewhere To Pee”

Of course I couldn’t resist musicalizing today’s Frank Bruni article on bathrooms in New York City restaurants. Please read it here first so you can be privy to all my article-referencing humor. My apologies to Ellen Green…

Click here to listen to “Somewhere To Pee.”


  1. You absolutely made my morning. The article was amusing, but your song was hysterical! Thank you – I needed this. :)

  2. You’re squirt of levity was a relief…to read. Thanks for your steady stream of, uh, humor.

  3. Awesome! My husband just played Little Shop, he will absolutely love this.

  4. Just some advice for people who listen to this song: don’t brush your teeth while listening to it. If you do, you will end up wearing most of your spit. I know from experience… sadly.

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