Waste Not, Want Not, Get Fat Rice Pudding

I ordered Chinese food the other night and found myself with leftover rice:


I recalled this rice pudding recipe by Tyler Florence that utilizes already cooked rice. I decided to take advantage of it and make myself dessert.

The recipe requires 3 cups white rice cooked and 3 cups milk. I had about 1 cup of white rice so I readjusted it to 1 cup milk.

And here’s where I get fat. Really fat.

Opening my fridge I saw my milk had expired. I dumped the lumpy milk down the drain, prepared for defeat and then noticed a carton of unexpired cream sitting there. So much cream with so little purpose. How could I not use it here?

So I did. I poured 1 cup of cream over the rice. (I know! What happened to my health kick? Umm…I’m on a health kick hiatus.)

I then added a sprinkling of sugar (about 1/3rd a cup) and seeds from half a vanilla bean that was sitting shrivelled in half a jar.

I cooked it on a medium heat, stirred it together, added cinnamon and raisins and treated myself to this:


This was the fattiest, most unhealthy rice pudding I’ve ever eaten. And I loved it. I told myself I’d eat half of it but then I ate the whole thing. I can’t believe I ate the whole thing! We should put that on a t-shirt with a picture of this rice pudding. It’s difficult to resist.

In conclusion, then, if you find yourself with leftover rice and you have milk—go ahead and make the healthier version. But if you’re feeling naughty and there’s cream…welll…you know what I’D do.

8 thoughts on “Waste Not, Want Not, Get Fat Rice Pudding”

  1. OHHHH, Adam…a rice pudding recipe by Tyler Florence…how could I resist… a perfect prelude to his future visit to SF(let me check my calendar)…in two weeks! So what, if he is a bit pudgy these days…you think he used the naughty ingredient too?

    Yay, for cream…I’ve got two weeks of MAD yoga before Mr. Florence’s appearance…Cheers!


  2. looks very yummy…and here in Hawaii, we always have leftover rice lying around…so…

    I think I will get fat now too!

    Oh, and you should totally make that shirt. I’d wear it.

  3. I’ve always had bad luck making rice pudding with leftover takeout rice. But that looks reeeeeally good. I just wish Tyler hadn’t called it “Rockin’ Rice Pudding”…he’s too pretty to be that corny.

    (Everybody, remember that Food Network recipes expire sometimes, so print that recipe out or make a PDF or whatever)

  4. hee hee — reminds me of a Christmas morning a few years ago when my whole family fell asleep after devouring my croissant bread pudding (a Martha recipe). i’d substituted *decadent cream* for the 3c. milk…ooops.

    as for the shirt, i’d buy one that had the April Fool’s Lolita banner on it. ;)

  5. God, that looks wonderful!

    Echoing Naomi’s comments, we do _always_ have leftover rice here in Hawaii. Up until now I’ve always made fried rice out of it, but I think I have a new “healthy” alternative… ;)

  6. cool info neat:)

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