(if that meOW didn’t make sense, try loading up the site on netscape… hopefully it will make more sense that way)

now THis siTE is PUrrrfeCT

we CaN talK abOUt wettt foooD

no mORe babBO garBAGE

cAn i GeT a wutwut fOR dead FIsh and MiCE?

mMMm maKEs my eARS wiGGGLE

i hAVE kiLLEd your amATeur GouRMET and taKEN over



(ok, this was all a big fun plan that has been ruined after 4 hours of toggling with my banner. either there is no banner or you see what i hope you see. again, if you don’t see it try netscape. and if that doesn’t work, please know that i tried to make your april fool’s day a happy one. happy april fool’s day!)

16 thoughts on “meOW”

  1. Ha ha!

    So very cute!

    as a side note: I couldnt see it in Firefox, but I did in IE….

    I like your site in Firefox way more that IE….

  2. The banner also works in Safari — April Fools! (No, actually it really does, I just wanted to work April Fools in there somewhere…)

  3. “cAn i GeT a wutwut fOR dead FIsh and MiCE?”

    i laughed for ten minutes — VIVA LOLITA and thanks for the pranky goodness, AG!

  4. it’s my birthday and i was looking for inspiration for a dessert. and what did i receive instead? hilarity. thank you.

  5. Go Lolita! There really ought to be more recipes for mouse-ums on this website… it’s about time she took over!

    (On April Fools’ Day, the cats gain control of the computer)

  6. As Nic’s cat, I wanted to mention that I enjoyed this takeover very much. It gives hope to us all!

    Don’t tell Nic that before she feeds me, though.

  7. Miles and Laurence, meow

    wut wut! We love wet food! (too bad we never get it…) Miles and Laurence, Lindsay’s kitties

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