Lolita and the Pine Nut Cookies

Here we go on a full comic adventure, thanks again to Comic Life–my new favorite software. Don’t forget to click to make larger! (And, this recipe comes from The Gourmet Cookbook—so it’s probably on Epicurious. They came out pretty tasty and I think they’re pretty healthy too: there’s no fat in them. Just almond paste, sugar, salt, honey, and an egg white.) Enjoy!



16 thoughts on “Lolita and the Pine Nut Cookies”

  1. “Oh god, not another cooking adventure!” – I laughed out loud. Made my own cat glare at me (interrupted his nap, you see).

  2. Is it this Pignoli Cookie recipe that you used? It doesn’t include a step where a cat has to lick its toes so I wasn’t 100% sure.

    I only have almond paste in a tube, damnit. Who makes the canned kind? I don’t think I’ve ever even seen such a thing.

    (Great job with Comic Life. You should send a link to the creators, I bet they would feature you on their site.)

  3. Your recent self pix look a lot better than the one at the top of the page..still have decided out if you are dorky cute or just dorky fun…Love the blog though

  4. Lolita is adorable. What breed of cat is she? Did you get her after you moved to NYC or did you bring her from Atlanta?

  5. You should do a segment dedicated to Ms. Lolita! I mean, would it hurt to try to make cat food for kicks?

    It might supress any more attempts at website takeover ;)

  6. VIVA LOLITA! Are you sure you didn’t move to New York just for her to break into making “Fancy Feast” commercials? ;)

  7. Hmmm, coming from the Land Down Under, I am not too sure about this one, Jake!!!!!! It is bloody funny, though. I could imagine similar spoofs on French or Italian or Greek or Chinese or just about any national cuisine.

    But, I thought either the Irish or the Poles were the butt of such jokes. How come we poor Auusies have been fingered.

    I have a better idea. Have you heard the one about this Kiwi? He had this sheep, see, and …. !!!

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