Identify This Soup

Let’s play a game. If you can be the first person to correctly identify this soup—both what kind of soup it is and where in New York it comes from—I will buy you a bowl of it. No, silly, I won’t eat it with you—I never mingle with the masses. Instead I will send you its monetary value and you can go buy yourself a bowl. It’s a lovely arrangement.

“But Adam,” you might say, “How can I identify a soup based on a grainy unfocused picture? And how in the hell am I supposed to know where in New York it comes from?”

Settle, now—I will give you some clues. Here they are:

– The soup comes from Lower Manhattan.

– I ate it at the counter.

– When this place is written about, they often mention the soup. (I have a stack of magazines to prove it!)

– The monetary value of the soup is $5.50.

Ok, that’s enough. Either: (1) this is crazy hard or (2) crazy easy. Either way, here’s the soup! Good luck!


15 thoughts on “Identify This Soup”

  1. It’s from the Soup Kitchen International. I’m gonna guess broccoli-cheese soup, although McAuliflower’s seafood bisque is another good choice.

  2. It’s probably a gussied up potato soup, makes me also think of seafood bisque, clam chowder, etc… however. Maybe Fraunces Tavern?

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