Identify This Soup

Let’s play a game. If you can be the first person to correctly identify this soup—both what kind of soup it is and where in New York it comes from—I will buy you a bowl of it. No, silly, I won’t eat it with you—I never mingle with the masses. Instead I will send you its monetary value and you can go buy yourself a bowl. It’s a lovely arrangement.

“But Adam,” you might say, “How can I identify a soup based on a grainy unfocused picture? And how in the hell am I supposed to know where in New York it comes from?”

Settle, now—I will give you some clues. Here they are:

– The soup comes from Lower Manhattan.

– I ate it at the counter.

– When this place is written about, they often mention the soup. (I have a stack of magazines to prove it!)

– The monetary value of the soup is $5.50.

Ok, that’s enough. Either: (1) this is crazy hard or (2) crazy easy. Either way, here’s the soup! Good luck!



  1. cream of spring vegetable soup from somewhere that has a counter in lower manhattan?

  2. It’s from the Soup Kitchen International. I’m gonna guess broccoli-cheese soup, although McAuliflower’s seafood bisque is another good choice.

  3. It’s probably a gussied up potato soup, makes me also think of seafood bisque, clam chowder, etc… however. Maybe Fraunces Tavern?

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