Fancy Omelette at NoHo Star

After class today, Patty, Alex and I were looking for a place to lunch.

“Breakfast, actually,” said Alex. “I’m in the mood for breakfast food.”

We asked our teacher Gary where to go and he said, “Have you been to NoHo star? It’s got the best breakfast. It’s right around the corner—Bleeker and Lafayette.”

So off we went and we arrived at 12 noon. Sadly, breakfast ended at 11:30. Discouraged, I asked the maitre’d if they had any breakfast food on the lunch menu and he said, “Yes, we have omelettes.”

“Perfect!” said Alex, and we were sat.

Upon opening the menus we observed that the omelettes were in the ballpark of $12 a pop.

“Wow,” said Patty, “these are expensive omelettes. They better come with some home fries.”

When the waiter came I asked if the omelettes came with home fries.

“No,” he said, shaking his head.

“Do they come with anything?” I pleaded.

He shook his head sadly.

“Well then, we need a moment.”

We studied further but all three of us were married to the idea of omelettes. And one omelette in particular sounded quite interesting: smoked salmon omelette with wasabi sour cream.

“Whoah, I’m getting that,” said Patty.

“Me too!” said I.

“I hate it when someone gets what I’m getting,” said Alex.

There was an awkard silence.

“This menu is so weird,” said Alex. “Let me read this to you” [and I wrote this down because I thought it was really funny] ” ‘Open faced toasted sandwich with scrambled eggs, stilton and VERY soft broccoli.”

Something about “very soft broccoli” is funny, don’t you think?

Anyway, we ordered our omelettes, waited, conversed, and soon they arrived. Here’s what Patty and I got:


Fancy, no? What with the caviar piled up on top. (That’s caviar right? It’s the stuff you get on sushi…)

The best part about the omelette was the wasabi sour cream. It gave it an unusual flavor and went really well with the smoked salmon. The omelette was really filling. Alex’s had ricotta in it and she found hers filling too. “The filling is filling,” she said.

The bill came, we paid, and we left.

“Those omelettes were expensive,” said Patty. “Let’s make a mental note of that.”

2 thoughts on “Fancy Omelette at NoHo Star”

  1. adam.

    sorry to be a brat, but i hate it when restaurants pile a bunch of cheap tobiko (fly-fish roe) on something and pass it off as “caviar” or somehow climing it “gussies-up” the dish… sorry… it may taste good with the food as a garnish, but don’t sell it as “extra fancy” just b/c you glop some fish eggs on… just my 2 cents.


  2. No offense to your teacher Gary, but I wouldn’t trust the culinary advice of anyone who tells you Noho Star is “best” for anything. Decent local place? Sure. Good spot to meet at if you’re going to the Angelika with people who can’t agree on particular cuisines? Yup. But that’s the height of it.

    Plus one time Rachel Ray went there on one of her shows. EWWWWW!

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