A Very Weird Snack

Since making my spontaneous salad creation the other night, my leftovers have provoked a very weird snack. This snack is: radishes dipped in dressing.


Laugh if you will, but “Radishes Dipped In Dressing” is a lesser known Julia Child cookbook and a hiphop song by Jacques Pepin.

There is nothing particularly wonderful or exciting to recommend about dipping radishes in dressing. It’s just something you can do if you have leftover radishes and dressing. Secretly, I think it’s all about the dressing. [This is the dressing I made the other day.] I wouldn’t want to, say, dip a radish in ketchup. But I would dip a french fry in the dressing. The dressing is really good.

4 thoughts on “A Very Weird Snack”

  1. Since you like radishes, next time try a thinly sliced radish sprinkled with just salt. It’s a simple & tasty little snack, I promise.

    Also, what kind of salad dressing did you use? My favorite is Annie’s Goddess Dressing. It’s tahini-o-liscious.

  2. Tex – ME TOOO! Annie’s Goddess is — good on almost everything. Try it on a baked potato. Or on chicken. Or on steamed broccoli…or…. ok, don’t put it on ice cream. It’s even good on SALAD!

  3. The french put sweet butter and salt on raw radishes. Middle easterners often eat them raw kind of a “side” dish, to main meals, usually along with herbs and greens. Delish!

  4. mmm…radishes are good! I buy them whenever I see them fresh, they are irresistable. For an Asian twist, marinate cut radishes in sesame oil and soy sauce for a few minutes. Mmmm!

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