What lives in a pineapple under the sea? SHERBET!

First I hook you in with a sexy picture:


Then I tell you a story…

I bought a pineapple last week. I was in Citronelle and a pineapple screamed out to me: “BUY ME! PLEASE, BUY ME!”

I’d never bought a pineapple before. I was on a health kick. I figured buying a whole pineapple and slicing it up would be more economical than buying the tub of already cut pineapple. (Retrospectively, I’m not sure if that’s true.)

So my pineapple sat on my counter, eager to be sliced, eager to be eaten. But I did no such thing. Then Friday rolled around. Lisa was coming over. I had an epiphany: Pineapple Sorbet!

I had no recipe for Pineapple Sorbet and neither did Epicurious. Instead, it had a recipe for Fresh Pineapple Sherbet (I made it linkable so you can find the recipe). All you need is: pineapple, sugar, milk, and a lemon. Oh, and an ice cream maker.

I love my ice cream maker. As the warm weather rolls in, I’ll be using it more and more and more. I will even use it to make things it’s not intended for—like souffle. That’s how much I love it.

So a pineapple. How do you cut a pineapple? I tried a sneak attack:


The pineapple was totally surprised and gave itself up nobly. I sliced it this way for the presentation you saw at the beginning:


(See that Irish Oatmeal next to it? I just bought Irish Oatmeal. I am excited to try it.)

If you are not worried about presentation, you can cut your pinneapple an easier way. Just slice off the top then the skin and cut it into slices. But this was prettier, you must admit.

I had Lisa cut the flesh out while I made a sugar syrup (see recipe):


After that, we put the flesh in a food processor and blitzed. After doing two batches, I can tell you the longer you blitz the easier it is to ge it through the strainer. Lisa did this with a spoon:


After that, you just mix the pineapple gunk with the sugar syrup, the milk and lemon juice and put in the fridge. Let it get cold (Lisa and I watched “The Birds,” but I am furious at NetFlix because the first time they sent me “The Birds” the disc was cracked in half, and this time it froze right at the very end. But it’s ok, I watched the documentary and now I know the ending. But still, I was mad!)

I think this post is over. Do you want to see the end product again?


We both really enjoyed this. You have to admit, it’s pretty easy. And a fun way to use a pineapple. I highly recommend it.

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  1. you’ve never bought a pineapple before? have you been to hawaii? you haven’t had pineapple until you’ve had it in hawaii… its infinitely sweeter than anything you can get on the continent…


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