“What kind of food do you feel like?”

I overheard a girl on her cellphone today walking down the street. She asked her conversation partner: “What kind of food do you feel like?”

I thought it would be funny if we took this question literally. So readers, tell us: what kind of food do YOU feel like?

[Edited to say: Sorry if this wasn’t clear. I mean: “what kind of food do you feel like emotionally?” not “what kind of food are you in the mood for?” That’s why I thought it was funny in the first place.]

I’ll go first. I feel like beets.

Beets at the store, before you roast them, are kind of dirty looking and sad. That’s me: dirty looking and sad. But wrap me in aluminum foil, sprinkle me with olive oil, stick me in an oven and I come out glittering and ready to rock.

Beets are pungent. Beets are messy. Beets have a flavor that’s ancient yet new—they’re not entirely sweet, they’re not entirely not-sweet. Beets are smart. Beets are versatile. Beets work well with others.

What kind of food do I feel like? I feel like beets. YOUR TURN! (beet that…heh heh)

19 thoughts on ““What kind of food do you feel like?””

  1. I really, really like potatoes. In almost any form. But if I had to pick a preferred variety of starchy goodness, I’d say breakfast potatoes: not hash browns, mind you, but big, lightly fried chunks with the skin still on, mixed with onions and peppers. The best example of this breed of potato can be found on Sarabeth’s brunch menu: I eat them until I’m sick, and nothing makes me happier.

  2. I feel like bittersweet chocolate that someone takes a bite of thinking it’s semisweet chocolate. It *looks* like it contains all the sweetness you are hankering for, but really it’s better used in combination with other ingredients. Eaten alone, it’s a bit of a let down.

  3. I have a continually-getting-bigger pregnant belly. So I’m thinking I feel most like a shrimp dumpling. A dumpling all plump and overstuffed, full of shrimp and scallions and spices and quite a bit of broth. Oh, and the dumpling has really big boobs, too.

  4. My Mom and I this long-running joke:

    Me: (hunggrily) I feel like an apple.

    Her: Funny, you don’t look like an apple.

    hahahahaha. OK, so it’s not that funny.

  5. I feel like a hot piece of toast, made from the very best toastable bread, a little rough around the edges, a few soft spots, with a good crust. I’m slathered with the best butter available, and it’s melted into little random golden fatty salty pools.

  6. Not to be a Disciplinarian Gourmet, but I don’t think some of you are understanding the assignment. Take it LITERALLY—so not “what kind of food are you in the mood for?” but “what kind of food do you feel like emotionally.” Now I feel like a BRUSSEL SPROUT because you hate that what I just said is good for you, but you’ll eat it anyway.

  7. I have a wicked case of the flu right now so I feel like a festering gallon of sour milk. Bloated and leaky and most likely smelly. Sorry-I think that I just creeped myself out.

  8. Adam, I share your love of beets, although I have never had them as you described. You should try making Ukrainian borshch sometime.

    When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine, they gave me a copy of “Babushka’s Cookbook.” It is basically a cookbook filled with easy recipes of bland and tasteless foods. But it was all we had. So one day, I decided to cook a special dish for my wife: Beet Root with Chicken and Rice. I’ll spare you the recipe but you can find it here under main dishes, http://pcukraine.org/cookbook/.

    After slaving away and feeling proud of myself, my wofe took one bite and said, “This tastes like the mush villagers feed their goats.” And she was right. So the lesson to be learned from here is, beets are better in soups and an occasional salad. Now what does that say about you?

  9. A Big Fan of the AG

    A steamin’ hot fudge brownie just out of the oven with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream over it. Makes you feel all warm and cozy inside until all the sugar gives you the shakes.

  10. I just got out of work, so I would have to say that I feel like whipped cream. Sure, I’ve taken a pounding, but not too much of one. Im a little stiff and if exposed to to much more heat I might just break down. However I am slightly sweet and go well with strawberries…

  11. I have been eating a lot of eggs. So, I feel like eggs — versatile, filling, and fun. You can dye them at Easter and serve them a dozen different ways for breakfast. You can spin them to see if they’re hard-boiled or not. You can use them to make cookies and bars and Amanda Hesser’s dinner for one. You can separate out the whites and whip them into a peaky frenzy or separate the yolks and make creme brulee.

    I’m a little like that.

    Also, I love musical theatre, and we all know eggs are amazing at impersonating Broadway stars.

  12. I feel like Jell-O. Solid, but squishy at the same time…juvenile, yet totally awesome when mized with a little alcohol. And Bill Cosby should totally be my spokes person ’cause I say the darndest things…er..yeah, I feel like Jell-O.

  13. Baklava is a sweet pastry made with filo dough, ground nuts, and honey. It is so yummy.

    I forget things, I lock my keys in the car all the time. However, I am a nice and personable. I am sweet and flaky.

    I am baklava!

  14. I feel like marshmallow fluff today. My head is full of air and I am having trouble concentrating, yet I still manage to be nice and sweet to everyone around me.

  15. I feel like chocolate.

    Lots of chocolate.

    Especially Green & Blacks Mint chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm, that would be good right now. Stop it. I’m making my mouth water.

    I also feel like some well toasted crispy white bread with strawberry jam on. Or maybe chocolate spread…..

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