The Chowing Chelsea Catch-Up Post: Dinner at Bright Food Shop and Brunch at Diner 24

Life is busy busy busy right now. Busy busy!

It’s the last week before Spring Break, so lots of work due, and my brother’s coming tomorrow, mom and dad to follow Thursday, so there was cleaning to do too. Working, cleaning–there’s no time to blog! But…my…readers…need…me…

So here we are. 2:21 AM. Let’s see how fast we can type up this post. We’re going to cover the meals I ate this weekend, both of them with Lisa. (I ate more meals than two, but these were the exciting ones.)

Bright Food Shop

I swear to God, Bright Food Shop has the easiest-to-forget name I’ve ever dealt with. Seriously. Because I walk past it all the time on 8th Avenue and I know it’s next to Kitchen/Market (owned by the same people) and so I’m always like: “We should eat at Kitchen Market, sometime” when I mean Bright Food Shop, since Kitchen/Market only does take-out burritos and I’m visualizing BFS not K/M. But even after having eaten there, I had to just Google Kitchen/Market to recall the name of where we ate—and now that I’ve recalled it, I’m still like: “What am I writing about?” Even right now if you froze me and told me not to move my eyes upward and to remember the name of the place I’m writing about I’d be like “uhhh???”—although, in all honesty, I do remember, my short term memory’s not THAT bad. So, my meal at Le Bernadain.

Just kidding. Kitchen/Market. UGH!

Bright Food Shop.

The food is Mexican Asian fusion. Yes—this is a fusion place. (It’s 2:25, we’re being long-winded.) So they have fused together foods in varying capacities. The tortillas with three dips weren’t fusion, though. They were Mexican:


I enjoyed these dips. One’s clearly salsa, one was a bean dip, and the other’s that green dip you’ve seen before, you know what I’m talking about. (2:27).

Lisa and I both ordered exotic sodas. I ordered non-alcoholic sangria soda and Lisa ordered grapefruit soda:


I enjoyed my San Gria soda until Lisa sipped it and told me it tasted like grape juice. Lisa enjoyed her grapefruit soda until I sipped it and told her tasted like Fresca. “It tastes NOTHING like Fresca,” she steamed.

For our entree we shared a Moo Shoo vegetable burrito. (We had to share because the food at this place is surprisingly expensive. I think this thing cost $16, but don’t quote me on that.)


Lisa loved it. “I love it,” she said. “I think it’s delicious.”

It had Asian vegetables in it with a great marinade and then the dipping sauce on the outside was great too. I enjoyed it.

That concludes my review of…umm…ummmm….

Brunch at Diner 24

(It’s 2:29, we’re doing well…swiftly, swiftly, swiftly…)

Somebody, I can’t remember who (sorry! time-pressed!) e-mailed me and told me to eat brunch at Diner 24. So I did. I took Lisa. We did this Sunday morning at 11—we got there before the crowds.

I had this great dish of fried eggs on sauteed potatoes, mushrooms, spinach and DUCK. Yes—DUCK. There was duck in my breakfast food. I loved it.


Lisa, on the other hand, was disappointed with hers. She got an omelette:


Yes, she’s smiling, but behind that smile is deep pain and disappointment. Actually, if you study the omelette you can see it has a certain airplane like quality. The whole thing is homogeneous—there’s no zest, no life, no star quality. A small tear trickled down Lisa’s face as I savored my duck.

It is now 2:35. That concludes The Chowing Chelsea Catch-Up post.

5 thoughts on “The Chowing Chelsea Catch-Up Post: Dinner at Bright Food Shop and Brunch at Diner 24”

  1. Chris in the poorhouse

    You are quite hilarious.

    I’m just curious, I live in Manhattan on a stipend of $24K (before taxes) and can rarely afford to go out to eat ever ever. So, thanks for sharing your experiences, I love visiting all these wonderful places vicariously through you. What would you say is a baseline income, for you, before you were able to start exploring the wonderful cuisine of the city?

  2. Chris – his parents support him, they are his source of income in seemingly generous quantities. I’m not sure any answer he gives will be valid, based on money “hard earned” vs. money spent. You would be better off asking bloggers who actually work in new york.

  3. Does this mean we finally caght Lisa REGRETTING HER VEGETARIANISM and glancing longingly at your DUCK? Sorry, Lisa, just joking, but by now we are all very preoccupied with your food choices as you well know

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