Great Moments in Musical Theater Featuring Eggs: Part Three, The Fall of Saigon


  1. That was so funny. I totally cracked up. Get it? Oh, never mind–there’s a reason I’m still in law school and not writing plays and such. By the way, I made the Amanda Hesser almond cake last night and, oh my lord, that was so delicious. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Your poor neighbors! I can only imagine the racket that the blender in the pan caused. :)

  3. Bravo!! Bravo!! This piece is definitely your oeuvre –Bunnies, Carrots, and Cupcakes pale in comparison!

  4. The Fall of Saigon is the most brilliant thus far.

    I’m thinking next time I come to visit we shall cheoreograph a fantastic dance to something from Cats. Jazz hands et all.

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