Miracle Almond Cake

I received an e-mail recently telling me that my movies have a “good choice of music/motion” but that I “need to work on the special effects.” So tonight Lisa and I labored over this film which features such dazzling trickery, Speilberg’s bound to call at any moment. (Well, at least the music’s fun.) Hope you enjoy it!

13 thoughts on “Miracle Almond Cake”

  1. Adam, I was planning on doing an Easter tribute to your ‘Great Moments in Musical Theater Featuring Eggs’, but now that you’ve upped the ante across the board, I don’t think I’ll be able to step up to the plate.

    Damn you, Adam The Multi-Talented Amateur Gourmet, damn you.

  2. Do you ever sleep? School, eating your way across Manhattan, a social life, AND this blog: complete with cinematic moments such as this one.


  3. But where is the major dramatic question!?!?

    Don’t worry i won’t tell Gary.

    Inside jokes make lame comments.

    Hooray for Adam!

  4. Tony, funny you should ask. I almost mentioned this in the post itself but forgot to. A few months ago, my friend Jason burned me a copy of a Barry Sisters CD he was very enthusiastic about. The Barry Sisters were an old time Jewish cabaret act that inspired the Sweeney Sisters on SNL. The CD is HILARIOUS. This “Miracle of Miracles” cracks me up but the best is their sexy entirely inappropriate version of “Anatevka.” I love it.

  5. I’m not sure what’s more strange, my random stumbling upon your blog or the fact that your also DDW at Tisch.

    Though, I’m undergrad.

    My queestion though, what serive do you use to run the webpage, and how did you make it into a blog without blogpsot, xanga, or any of the likes.

    Sorry, this is a bit irrelevant to the food motif… um, do you know an easy recipie of an orange ice, or orange aid to go with a mexican dish?


  6. Dear God that was riddle with typos, most importantly in need of change servive is… short form for service.

  7. Chris, don’t feel bad — look at how I spelled “governor”!

    I believe Adam uses Typepad, but I could be wrong (it’s happened before).

  8. How are you going to top this one? I too was wondering who that was singing “Miracles of Miracles.” It certainly wasn’t Mottel the tailor!

  9. hahahaha thank you so much that is the funniest thing i’ve seen in a while… too funny… hahahaaha

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